Solento Tequila

Solento Organic Tequila is made for those who appreciate taking their time, taking a more methodical approach to living life. The name "Solento" is spanish for "Slow Sun", following the brands ethos to crafting moments of solidarity.

Solento is an award-winning, USDA certified organic tequila range made in small batches from a single estate with a 3 SKU product line: Blanco, Reposado, Anejo. Studio Ethur Ethur partnered with Solento to concept, develop, design & build an exclusive release for their 4th SKU, Extra Anejo.

Packaging + Copywriting + Art Direction + Photography
About the project

Extra Anejo

Our approach to Solento's limited Extra Anejo product release was inspired by crafting a product experience that is on brand, but extends it to emote a sentiment forged by human connection. The objective behind this product's concept & design is to communicate with one another, to cause intention, and share a premium product experience that creates human moments that matter.

Studio Ethur Ethur developed the packaging concept for Solento's Extra Anejo release to target a mature, upscale, and refined audience. Employing a sleek, monochromatic color palette, conveying opulence and sophistication. Incorporating intricate details, such as embossed marks, black satin interiors, and a velvet-textured finish, elevates the packaging to match the discerning tastes of this target audience, ensuring that this Extra Anejo is identifiable as a symbol of luxury and quality in the competitive CPG market category of tequila.

To further push the tactile ethos the Solento brand has built, our team developed a luxury box kit experience with 500 individual Solento branded vinyl records, with a twist: A serendipitous selection of music artists. Coupled with a whimsical vinyl record comes a set of crystal tumbler glassware to slow down, relax, and Take It Slow.
Extra Anejo
Extra Anejo





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