BarrelHouse Brewing Co.

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BarrelHouse Brewing Co. is nestled in the rolling hills of San Luis Obispo County on the edge of Paso Robles and in the heart of wine country. Big, bold IPA's and refreshing house ales are at the center of the breweries ethos. One of their most popular products, "Big Sur Double IPA" has taken California by storm with its bursting grapefruit, citrus & pine. Named after one of California's coastal wonders, this IPA put BarrelHouse on the map of established craft breweries.


In Spring 2022, BarrelHouse reached out to Studio Ethur Ethur, intending to create a seasonal apparel line that merchandised with their "Big Sur Double IPA" line of year-round products. The team at Studio Ethur Ethur has explored the stunning region of Big Sur, so the project was close to our hearts. We brought forth the aesthetic of the beer line and tethered it directly to the apparel to create an intrinsic visual relationship to the merchandise. This line of merchandise was to be everyday wearable apparel that would appeal to California natives and beyond.

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