Sister to Moniker Bar, Sondery Lifestyle & Larder is a in the heart of Richland, Washington. By day, thoughtfully curated craft home goods, merchandise, culinary tools & literature are offered by Sondery. By night, it's funky' sister bar takes over and provides craft cocktails as the premier nightlife venue in all of the Tr-Cities County in Washington. Sondery by Day, Moniker by Night.

Branding + Print + Packaging + Web
About the project

Small Batch, High Funk

Studio Ethur Ethur was approached to build the brand around Moniker's sister bar, with a strategic twist:

Create an identifiable, memorable brand, while keeping the spirit of its sister brand, Moniker tethered to one another. While Sondery Lifestyle & Larder is a daytime marketplace, the products & service are worlds apart from its sister business Moniker. Thus, allowing our team to solve this creative problem by parsing what gives Sondery its own voice, time of day, spirit, and brand system through visual communication.

We concepted, designed, and executed the brands logo mark, secondary & tertiary marks as well as lofty brand palette and typography system. To bring a tactile experience, mercantile packaging was developed alongside apparel and merchandise.

A top-down web design + development was also concepted & executed to allow for an e-commerce shopping experience, giving the business an ability to generate revenue even off-hours as well as general information, current product offerings & happenings at Sondery.
Sondery Lifestyle & Larder





3130 Duncan Rd. #105
San Luis Obispo, California