Tarantula Hill Brewing Co.

Thousand Oaks had missed the craft brewery explosion until Tarantula Hill Brewing Co. arrived. A 22,000 sq. ft. facility brought the people of Thousand Oaks a complete in-house craft brewery offering wood-fired pizza, artisan ice cream, and fine house-roasted coffee. Each of these brands needed an identity system, allowing each to be representative on its own, but come together & be recognizable as one brand.

Identity + Branding + Print + Packaging + Photography + Web + E-Commerce +digital
About the project

For Locals, By Locals

Studio Ethur Ethur began working on this project one year before the doors opened to develop the brand, packaging, apparel, digital, & all print collateral to have a go-to-market brand package. Identity marks, brand voice, and digital strategy were all built to create an authentic, true-to-the-source ethos that the community of Thousand Oaks could enjoy for years to come.
Tarantula Hill Brewing Co.