Tooth & Nail Wine Company

Tooth & Nail Wine Company is a sustainable winery out of the infamous viticulture region of Paso Robles, CA. Leaning into the themes of nature, adaptability, and the forces that drive us, Tooth & Nail is determined to bring a unique decadence to the table.

Branding + Print + Environment + Packaging + Photography
About the project

Driven By Nature

Studio Ethur Ethur was tasked with the creation of a completely new style of wine label. The Squad series illustrations consisted of a rag-tag group of gritty survivalists taking on our demanding world. The combination of vibrant color palettes, gold foil, and resolute characters was elemental in bringing forth a bottle that stands out from the crowd.

The Studio was also assigned to execute and head-to-toe reimagining of the great J.J. Audubon's wildlife illustrations. The themes of nature and the stark beauty that comes from fighting for survival are illustrated in this series and framed in a delicate border to create a balanced juxtaposition.
Tooth & Nail Wine Company